Truly meant for cruising here and there, but not very far, there are no gears to change when riding beach cruisers. Riders sit more upright rather than hunched forward to grab the handlebars, and it has wider, easier to balance tires.

Life, in the summer especially, should be enjoyed on the journey and not just when you arrive at your destination.
Do you ever picture yourself cruising around on a bike, but know the last picture of yourself on one might have been unwrapping one as a child at Christmas?
Luckily the saying, “It’s like riding a bike” is true and finding yourself back on a bike is as easy as a visit to your LBS (local bike shop).
TriCycle and Run in St. Michaels, owned by Jason and Laura Chance, is such a place and they said it’s more than just getting a bike — but the right bike for what your goals are.
If you’re going to compete in an Iron Man, you’d want something much different than if you just need something to breeze into the ice cream shop or run errands in town.
If you aren’t sure what you want, one of the first questions they’ll ask you at a bike shop is where you’ll want to ride and how far, distance-wise.
Beach cruisers are a favored choice both in their shop and elsewhere the Chances said.
Truly meant for cruising here and there, but not very far, there are no gears to change, you’ll sit more upright rather than hunched forward to grab the handlebars, and it has wider, easier to balance tires.
You won’t be going anywhere in a hurry, or anywhere far, but that’s what a relaxing cruise is supposed to be about.
It will take you back to simpler days, and perhaps down the street to grab a glass of wine if you are staying in town.
So what if you like the thought of cruising for wine, but you also might want to burn off some calories with a longer, more challenging ride?
The Chances said their most popular seller is the general purpose hybrid.
Hybrids can come in combinations that can lean more towards sport or styles that lean more towards comfort and offer great versatility for adventures.
Hybrids do have gears but don’t be intimidated, just keep this simple rule of thumb in mind: You shouldn’t find the pedaling to be too hard or too easy; somewhere right in the middle is ideal as you do hit an occasional “Eastern Shore Mountain,” also known as a slight slope of the road.
After you know what bike you’re going for, your “LBS” will get you fitted correctly to your bike.
While cruisers come in one frame size with different sized wheels, hybrids are measured by the frame from spindle to seat in increments of two.
A 17-inch hybrid will best fit someone 5-foot-5 to 5-8, but you should also take into account if you have longer legs or torso, to make sure you truly are at your most comfortable ride.
Your ideal frame size is based on the type of bike you choose, your height, and your inseam (the measurement from your crotch to the ground).
And here’s a quick rule of thumb: the frame size should be about 0.65 times (about two-thirds)your inseam. For instance, if you have 25-inch inseam, you’d need a bike with a 16-inch frame.
Shopping at an LBS can bring the information you need and may even not know you needed.
Consider the bike’s assembly. Bikes literally have lots of moving parts and some expertise is needed to get them lubed up and working like they should.
TriCycle offers lifetime tune ups on its bikes.
If you have some little ones at home that aren’t quite ready to be out on their own wheels, there are a few options for taking them along for the ride.
A front-mount seat works well with a typical age recommendation of 1 to 4 years old depending on the model.
After that point, kids can either move to a rear-attached seat or pull behind on a trailer.
Trailers can be great as they give the child some freedom to play with a favorite book or toy and eat snacks, but they can add quite a bit of work to your workout, especially with multiple kiddos.
Remember that it’s Maryland law for anyone on a bike age 16 or under to wear a helmet and your LBS can help with that, too.
Pick one out that is comfortable for you to encourage you to wear it, whether it’s one with a spot for a ponytail, with a brim for the sun, or just a design you like, find one you like and wear it.
If you plan on riding on trails also used for walking, find a bell so you don’t scare pedestrians as you cruise up from behind them.
You’ll also want to figure out how to transport water or other drink of choice.
Whether it’s a hydration pack or a clip for a water bottle on your bike, don’t let the weather and dehydration take a toll on your ride.
So if you want to get around this summer with a breeze through your helmet.
Walk into your LBS and pedal out with your perfect match.