Month: August 2020

Teach yourself to harvest seeds

August is in many ways a transitional month. Many perennials are still blooming and need care, but other plants such as herbs are due for harvest and seed collection. Harvesting, drying seeds, herbs Harvest seeds that are ripe...

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Toile de Jouy French linen fabric

When shopping for fabric, you might run across a certain type of antique French linen fabric called Toile de Jouy. Known for single colored prints on a cream or white background, toile features scenes of pastoral settings, the...

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Ethel Mae studio a pour house

“I don’t know how to paint.” … “I’m not an artist.” … “What if I mess up?” Deanna Pratt has heard it all from her guests the first time they visit Ethel Mae Studio, a creative space she opened a little over a year...

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