Make your own potpourri from summer flowers

by , | Sep 15, 2017

As summer cools into fall it is a perfect time to make your own potpourri from the flowers outside your window.

Collecting the muted colors of yellow, purple, fuchsia and pink will make a beautiful potpourri that you can use up until the winter holidays.

While some like to remove the intact head of the ower from the stem and dry that, others prefer to remove the petals and allow those to dry retaining the lighter colors.

There are several methods to drying the petals from using a low temperature oven (200 degrees until the petals look dry) to just air-drying.

• Step One: collect the owers you want to use in your potpourri: knock out roses, tea roses, crepe myrtle, daisies, lilies and even wild- owers. (See top photo.)

• Step Two: place a sheet of parchment paper on a table or tray

• Step Three: remove petals from the flower as well as a few green leaves to use for color and texture and place on parchment to dry. (See photo at middle-right).

• Step Four: allow to dry overnight

• Step Five: place petals in a bowl, add a few drops of a good essential oil and mix-do. Be sure to not over do this as the essential oil holds the scent for a long time). (See photo at bottom right.)

• Step Six: arrange petals in a decorative container and enjoy!

There are several seasonal components that can be added to make the décor more specific.

In summer add pieces of sea glass or small shells; in fall spray the green leaves copper and add acorns or tiny pinecones.

Red flower petals are good for fall and winter potpourri.

The dry petals can be stored until ready to display adding pine greenery or seasonal elements.