Create extra character

by | Jul 29, 2017 | Features

Crotons are a red and yellow-leafed variety of tropical plant, which McGovern stocks and sells in the summer.

If you want to add even more color to your oasis, it’s surprisingly easy to keep tropical flowers through the winter. Plants such as Lobster Claw and Anthurium can be plated in pots and kept outside during the warm months, then simply brought inside during the cold ones.

Their bright colors and beautiful flowers can help to turn your backyard into an island paradise.

McGovern also carries a huge variety of tropical plats, all of which can tolerate temperatures of 55 degrees and above.

“The thing about tropical plats is that they’re use to high heat and humidity and they do very well [in the summer here] without the care that other summer annuals take,” said Laurie McGovern, owner of Shore Blooms in Stevensville.

She listed off tropical palms she sells such as Majesty, Roebilinni and Sago and other tropical plays including Crotons and Red Sisters.