Inside the Olde Sale Barn, a 1946 Air Coop airplane hangs over the old auction area that is now a venue space for special events. (Photo by Frank Caramanica)

The Olde Sale Barn has been in Caroline County since the early part of the 20th Century.
It has evolved from a livestock auction barn to an arena for amateur boxing matches to an antique mall with an event venue.
The Olde Sales Barn’s transformation is a reflection of changes on Delmarva and on the American landscape. It is also a good example of repurposing and preserving a historic building.
The 30,000 square foot building was built as a livestock auction barn around 1941.
It was used as an auction barn from 1946 to 1980 according to Steven Cahall, father of the current owner Jodie Cahall.
“All the lumber used to build it was taken from the woods on the lot,” Steven said. “It was an auction barn for a long time with a meat store down on the end.”
“My sons used to work at the barn when they were younger,” he added. “Jodie always had a dream of owning the barn and having a business here.”
Jodie now has several businesses on the property including a concrete shop, antique mall and a wedding venue.
There are other family members who work at the Olde Sales Barn with Steven and Jodie.
Jodie’s mom, Debra, and two brothers join dad Steven in part-time positions.
Today the Olde Sale Barn is a beautiful reminder of a less complicated and more rural life.
The parking lot is filled with metal artwork, Adirondack chairs and other items for decoration.
A large Maryland flag-covered crab sits on the roof catching the eyes of drivers along Route 404 in Denton. Inside, a 1946 Air Coop airplane hangs over the old auction area that is now a venue space for special events.
Most of the artwork comes from Mexico but some is from local artists Steven said.
In 2016, a venue for events ranging from weddings, reunions, fundraisers and even bingo opened on the second floor as the Enchanted Memories Venue.
There is arena seating, dressing rooms and bathrooms to accommodate events.
Sales and events may have replaced auctions and square dancing but the barn continues to be an important icon on the landscape of Delmarva.
The historical building is a popular stop for beach traffic from spring through fall.
On a weekday afternoon in early March, there was still a constant flow of shoppers.