Will your succulents survive the cold?

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Features

Winter hardy varieties like the ice plant above should be able to withstand what most winters can throw at them.
(Photo by John Profitt)

Succulents are easy-keepers in the summer, needing little attention but providing a unique look for the garden.

With winter approaching, it will soon be time to think about what moves to make for the succulents for survival.

Having the right plant for the Mid-Shore’s hardiness zones — 7a and7b—is a good first step to keeping them going and letting them stay put.

Julie Day, blogger for Today’s Homeowner says winter hardy varieties such as sedums, hen and chicks, ice plant and yucca should be able to withstand what most winters can throw at them.

“You may see them begin to wither, shrink, or change color as cold weather approaches, but this is part of their normal winter routine,” Day writes.

If you have less hardy varieties and can’t easily bring them inside, try not to let the soil get too wet during sustained freezing temperatures. Day advises not to water or fertilize plants past late fall to keep it on the drier side.

Adequete air circulation is also helpful in keeping the soil dry. Adding sand and organic matter to poorly drained soil will help as well.

When freezing temperatures approach, use fabric to cover the plants or baskets to trap some heat.

“Just make sure the covers do not touch the leaves, and don’t keep them covered any longer than necessary — they need air circulation and sunlight,” Day says.

If the weather brings snow, let it cover your plants and act as an insulator.