Know how to find a bouquet for practically any event

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Features

Birthdays, wedding, congratulations and condolences bring to mind flowers from the local nursery or an online provider.

What about those everyday events that are not as spectacular but still make an impression?

Visiting a friend for lunch, meeting a group for a special luncheon, a backyard barbeque or an afternoon tea all qualify as special events.

A few owers from your garden or a selection from a local supplier can yield a great cache for events.

Your imagination is your only limit.

• Flowers: There is no end to the array of owers that are available to us today;

• Colors: White, cream and yellow bring cheer and lift the spirits;

• Red, orange and yellow are bold and classic;

• Pink, fuchsia and purple are regal and sophisticated;

• Textures: Small compact blossoms, long closed pedals that unfold in grandeur;

• Greenery: smooth shiny leaves or matte sage colors;

• Ribbons: Silk, checked, velvet or satin; and

• Containers: Clear glass, cups, bowls, pitchers or decorative colors and shapes.

Select at least two hues for the flowers, and keep some stems with the leaves near the blossoms to add texture to the bouquet. A bouquet can be as small as two owers or as big as two-dozen.

Flowers tell us we are special and someone has given us thought.

• Summer cookouts: Select black- eyed Suzie, Shasta daisies or sun owers tied with a gingham ribbon. Wrap a wet paper towel and cover with aluminum foil to transport;

• Afternoon tea: Pink, cream/white tea roses with stems cut all the same length and held with a rubber band. Place in a lovely small, square class container in blush or lavender or a small antique silver teapot;

• Visiting family or a friend. Two to four long stem lilies, roses or lilacs tied with a silk ribbon;

• Daughter’s sleep over: White and yellow daisies with a variety of favorite chocolate bars glued or taped to a long stick for each girl in a country charm pitcher; and

• Just because: Pick a favorite ower in a favorite color just to say “hello.”