We all like to snuggle in the winter with blankies, hot cocoa — and then day three comes and we might be in the same outfit and looking a little deranged, and feeling like it too.
• The weather outside can be frightful, but truth is, it can still be delightful!
It does a body good on so many levels to get outside.
If the wind isn’t blowing and there’s something that resembles sunshine, get dressed and go on a walk to the mailbox, fill up your bird feeders, pick up a few sticks that have fallen, or just find a reason to get yourself out for a little bit.
Even if it takes as long to get ready for your walk as you spend actually walking, you’ll feel better for it and it might energize you for getting things done inside the house afterwards.
Another good way to keep moving is to check with nature groups, local parks and arboretums for birding walks, soup n’ walks, and other fun events in the winter geared at getting folks outside.
Try making a walking date with a friend so the commitment and guilt will push you to leave your igloo!
• Decluttering. While it may not sound that glamourous, it will keep you busy, get you organized and destress you as well!
Getting organized is always trending early in the year, but it seems to be even more popular these days as studies show folks are just too inundated with stuff.
Scan the Internet for a 30-day challenge that sounds do-able and spend your snowed in time moving from closet to junk drawer to rooms, donating and tossing out your extra four soup ladles and three backup tennis racquets (which you don’t play).
Are you a Netflixer? Watch the popular Marie Kondo for inspiration as she helps folks weed out using her infamous “Does it spark joy?”
• Another way to beat the weather is to think of warmer days ahead and daydream!
Order seed catalogs to comb through to plan your garden, go to a website of where you’d like to travel and order a travel guide to browse.
Try to make this as screen-free as possible and get the whole family involved, sketching a garden layout or a making a list of to-dos with pen and paper.
• If a big storm is coming, after you grab your milk and toilet paper, head to the library.
Stock up on new books, borrow a few movies and more.
For little ones, the Talbot County Library has tablet-like devices, STEAM based backpacks and more, while the Queen Anne Library even has sets of Legos available.
It’s also a great place to go to get out of the house as there is programming for adults and kids alike.
The Centreville branch for example, has had everything from Building Cat Castles to Golden Girls trivia, and several branches host movie days or book clubs for all ages!
• Winter evenings often end in “park” in front of the television way earlier than summer evenings.
It’s pitch black by the time you get in and you get straight into cooking fast, only to realize dinner is cleaned up by 6 p.m., and there’s hours of television ahead!
Slow down the timeframe of your evening by taking time to enjoy making dinner.
Thumb through a pretty cookbook, sip a glass of wine or a special drink and get some inspiration for a meal that might take a little longer to create.
Children can help cook, whether it’s unwrapping ingredients, mixing, or even getting into some cutting skills.
When you have a lazy morning or afternoon, take time to make a special recipe with your kids, whether it is snowman pancakes or making chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
• Sometimes you do just need to escape the cabin.
Grab a room with a view for a steal down at the beach, order in pizza and just enjoy something different!
Even if you don’t leave the room, the change of scenery can help.
If you’ve got kids with energy, look for a hotel with an indoor water park or a pool.
• If a getaway isn’t in the books, go for a scenic drive.
When you aren’t tunnel vision driving to the grocery store or the school or another task, you might realize that the Eastern Shore is still teeming with beauty in the winter months!
Drive along the water, grab a fancy hot chocolate or other treat and enjoy roads you don’t often travel within the comforts of your toasty vehicle.
• If you’ve had enough family time, in the very best way, your family may need a break from each other.
Wineries, breweries and other social spots are coming up with game nights, trivia, and more to tempt grown ups out of the house.
There’s also places to get the kids out for an evening of fun, with “Kid’s Night Out” events at places you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like the YMCA or Kiln Born Creations in Easton.
• Host your own fun night by inviting another family over, as they might be up for a cabin fever outing themselves!
You can keep the menu easy with an option like take out pizza, chili, tacos and the like, and play games like Apples to Apples, Charades or Life.
Pick out a movie the kids will be excited to see so when they start to tucker out or fall apart, the fun can continue.
* * *
The days can seem long but winter will go by fast, and you may even find yourself missing it.
Well, parts of it.