Month: November 2018

The Gilded Age

The term “Gilded Age” was coined by Mark Twain to describe a period of United States history in the late 19th century, spanning a time period between the 1870s to 1900. Twain was poking a satirical finger into society at the time, describing serious social problems in society and class differences, covered by a thin gilt of gold. Rapid economic growth, industrialism and expansion of wealth all contributed to interiors, exteriors, home decor and the building of some of the finest mansions and public venues the United States, or the world, had ever seen. Everything that glittered was truly gold in the Gilded Age. The Gilded Age saw very rapid economic growth in the US, as industrialization led to huge wage growth, strong labor forces, and a quick, massive amount of wealth for business owners and the social elite, especially in the North and West. Railroads, mining, factories and finance ruled the day in this era. During this time period, as well, there was a huge divide between immigrants, impoverished regions, lack of labor laws and unequal concentrations of wealth. It was a tumultuous time period in this country’s history, as the engines that ran the machines symbolized the might of the bank rolls driving the homes, furnishings and decor of the wealthy, all built to impress with jaw-dropping results. Some of the finest examples of the Gilded Age...

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