The holiday season is swiftly approaching, and once again, I am filled with that familiar mix of excitement and nervous energy — excitement for the magic that comes with the season combined with the inevitable anxiety about how to properly fund said magic. Does this sound familiar?
While the holiday season tends to be a busy time, following our mantra of keeping things simple is more important than ever.
Read on for a few of my favorite simple living hacks to help you have a magical holiday season without losing your mind!
Be Selective with your Datebook: For as long as I can remember, I have been booked solid from Thanksgiving through the New Year — and I’ve been so busy that I have not found time to really enjoy the season.
While COVID may still be limiting a lot of events that may have otherwise filled your calendar, it is important to be a little picky about what things you do this season. Just because you have always stood in line for four hours at a crowded shopping mall on a busy Saturday to see Santa doesn’t mean that you have to do it again this year. Before you put anything on your family’s dance card, ask yourself if said event will bring more joy or more magic to your holiday.
If the answer is no, or frankly, even a maybe, let it go. Instead, send the kids to bed, or snuggle up with them for some family game night, pour yourself a glass of wine or cocoa, put on your favorite holiday movie and savor the simple moments of the holiday season.
Donate Your Time: November is such a busy time — filled with holiday preparations, family obligations — so busy that it often goes by so quickly.
This November, be sure to schedule some time to give back to your community. Visit a local shelter, soup kitchen or school — lots of these community organizations have volunteer coordinators who would love a few hours of your time.
Take your spouse, children, friends, and family members with you. The entire experience will not only give you a sense of happiness that such an act can provide but will also help remind you of the many blessings that you have.
The time spent with loved ones giving back to others is sure to be some of the best time ever spent — and can become a wonderful new tradition.
The Gift of Self Care: This fall and holiday season, I want you to add one person to your gift-giving list: You.
I don’t care if you gift yourself a manicure, a massage or a bottle of your favorite Merlot that you never splurge on. Self-care is the only way to really truly be able to enjoy the season of thankfulness and truly get to a place of simply living.
It doesn’t even have to cost a thing — you can gift yourself with a night off from cooking (your family will survive on cereal or takeout for one night, I promise!). Whatever you need to do to give yourself a much-needed recharge might just be the best gift you receive this season — and can fuel you for those late-night gift wrapping sessions.
(Editor’s Note: Kristine George is a freelance journalist who resides in Easton.)