Putting together your own space just for gardening can be beneficial for many reasons, so if you don’t already have a garage or shed, consider buying one for your outdoor space.

Gardening is not just a beloved pastime for many Americans; it’s also a way to get exercise, to get the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors, and to take a little time for themselves during the day.
That’s why so many people stick to gardening and landscaping well into fall and early winter, but it can be difficult to make sure you have the right tools for the job.
One of the most important components for fall gardening is a shed or garage since you’ll need to keep it all protected from the elements.
Putting together your own space just for gardening can be beneficial for many reasons, so if you don’t already have a garage or shed, consider buying one for your outdoor space.
Look at all the options to decide which one is best for you.
Cost, materials and size are the three main factors to look at, so make a list of the details that you want before you make a decision.
Here are ideas to help you get started with creating a great garden tool area of your own.
Build It to Your Own Specifications
If you don’t already have a dedicated garden shed or garage, consider building your own.
These days, there are many options depending on what you’re looking for.
Wood and steel, for example, are popular options, but they both have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Wood can deteriorate a bit more quickly than steel due to the elements and takes longer to erect, but it will ultimately cost less.
Meanwhile, steel is a little more expensive in the beginning, but many options come prefabricated and they can typically withstand winds and the elements much easier.
Think about the pros and cons of both before making a decision.
Get Organized
When you have lots of tools and items that are used often, it’s important to keep them clean and protected, but it’s also essential to make sure they’re well-organized.
Your garage or shed should have multiple storage options for each kind of tool you use, from pegboards that will hang smaller items to durable storage containers that will hold larger things like weed trimmers or seasonal decorations.
By making all your tools and favorite decor easily accessible, you’ll be able to enjoy your gardening time that much more.
Bring Your Plants Inside
Cool-weather gardening often means covering plants to keep the frost from killing them, but there are some plants that can be kept in your garage most of the time.
Create an area that can accommodate a heat lamp (if necessary), watering, and a little sunlight and keep an herb garden or just a resting place for those plants that need a little more care during the colder months.
Make It Safer
Your shed or garage should be a safe place for you to work, so take steps to ensure that certain precautions are in place.
For instance, electric tools need to be stored carefully to avoid damage to the cords, and if you use a space heater to keep warm on especially cold days, it’s crucial to make sure it’s turned all the way off and unplugged when you’re ready to quit for the afternoon.
Keep thick gardening gloves on hand at all times, and place chemicals and other dangerous items on a high shelf, away from little hands or pets.
Gardening in the fall and winter can be a fun way to fit in a workout while boosting your mental health, but it’s essential to make sure you’re able to practice your favorite hobby safely and comfortably.
Think about the details before you get started with any changes so you can make the most of your cold-weather gardening.
(Editor’s note: Emma Croft blogs on her website, getgardening.info. She hopes that GetGardening will not only help you grow your love for gardening but inspire others to love plants just as much as she does.)