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Time to get pup-and-at-’em!

Were you one of the lucky souls who had a present that barked under the tree? Or perhaps those emotional humane society ads called you to action? If so, congratulations on your new pup and family member. Studies show as a dog owner you will have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, be less likely to be depressed, and of course, unofficial studies show your heart and your feet will be warmer too! Important People and Big Decisions It’s up to you to fight amongst yourselves about who your dog’s favorite family member is going to be at home, but...

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Try these remedies to break past cabin fever

We all like to snuggle in the winter with blankies, hot cocoa — and then day three comes and we might be in the same outfit and looking a little deranged, and feeling like it too. • The weather outside can be frightful, but truth is, it can still be delightful! It does a body good on so many levels to get outside. If the wind isn’t blowing and there’s something that resembles sunshine, get dressed and go on a walk to the mailbox, fill up your bird feeders, pick up a few sticks that have fallen, or just find a reason to get yourself out for a little bit. Even if it takes as long to get ready for your walk as you spend actually walking, you’ll feel better for it and it might energize you for getting things done inside the house afterwards. Another good way to keep moving is to check with nature groups, local parks and arboretums for birding walks, soup n’ walks, and other fun events in the winter geared at getting folks outside. Try making a walking date with a friend so the commitment and guilt will push you to leave your igloo! • Decluttering. While it may not sound that glamourous, it will keep you busy, get you organized and destress you as well! Getting organized is always trending early in the...

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How’s your game at wild cooking?

Winter is great time to stay warm and cozy while you try out a new recipe and with many Eastern Shore freezers full of newly harvested wild game, the timing couldn’t be better. To many folks it can be more intimidating to actually cook their harvest than the hunting process itself. There are certainly no recipe ideas on the back of the box. Give it your best shot though, as there are so many benefits to eating venison, waterfowl and other game — and some of them may fall right in line with your New Year’s resolutions. Your running and roaming game will also be much leaner than what’s on the store shelves, resulting in lower fat and calories per ounce than even “cage free,” “free-range,” or “grass-fed” meat. If you want to try some game recipes yourself, but don’t hunt, don’t be afraid to simply ask a friendly camouflaged person — they may have extra to share or know someone who does for minimal or bartered cost. So there’s the why; now, how do you cook it? The weekday cooking route to incorporate game is often ground or chopped venison and game meat to be simply used in chili, tacos, and that sort of dish, or of course, veggies, broth, and meat in the crockpot. But when you have more time to make some of your game meat...

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Pinecone creations naturally Christmas

Christmas can be overwhelming with choices — picking perfect presents, finding a tree that doesn’t scrape the ceiling but makes the room look full, and most importantly, deciding which cookies to make. (It’s easier to decide which cookies to eat. All of them!) One of the choices I had been wondering on was what Christmas decorations I wanted to make with my little ones, as silly as it sounds. My kids love to see their parents’ scribbly childhood writing on the back of a pom pom wreath or see the rough cutting on a candy cane mouse made in our childhood and have been looking forward to making their own decorations to go down in Milby Christmas tradition history. But what do we do? The answer was soon poured all over our kitchen floor. My son, Landon, is quite the gatherer — rocks, acorns, and on a recent trip to Pop Pop’s deer stand, he came back with an armload of pinecones. Since they were sure to be a fixture in our house anyway, we decided they would be the perfect base for some simple and fun decorations. After allowing them to dry out in front of our woodstove, we got crafty! I pulled out all kinds of scraps and goodies to let their imaginations work — paints, beads, pom poms, strings of ribbons and some glue. I got...

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Say ‘Can-do’ to homemade ice cream

My children scream a lot. Luckily, most of the time it’s for ice cream! While we love visiting all the local creameries, there’s also something a little fun about making our own. With all the kitchen gadgets these days, sure, we could add an ice cream machine to the arsenal but when you’re doing it the old fashioned way, it might as well be truly old fashioned. You’ll need to gather a few basic supplies. The coffee cans might be the trickiest — you’ll want a larger size — usually in the 30-ounce range, and then a smaller size around 9-11 ounce size. If you can’t find the larger size in your regular grocery store, try a bulk or office store as they sell larger sizes (and plus, who doesn’t need more coffee?) Now, some companies will trick you into thinking it’s the tin kind but you might find they are instead a thick silver cardboard. Feel for the ribbing and make sure you have the right material for your ice cream “maker.” You’ll also want some thick, waterproof tape like duct or electrical tape. The ingredients are relatively simple — so simple in fact, I loaded the supplies into our “glamper” for a project to keep the kids busy when our toes weren’t getting wrinkled in the campground pool. You’ll need ice, a pint of half and half,...

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