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Consider these fall product options

Freezepruf is an environmentally safe way to extend the growing season as it improves the plants natural cold tolerance up to 9.4 degrees, depending on the variety of the plant. Developed by botanists, FreezePruf protects plants...

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Pay attention to geraniums, dry lawns

When geranium flowers wither, pinch off the flower with your fingernail an inch or so below the blossom. A few days later, tug out the dried, brownish stem at the top. A replacement stem and flower will grow quickly because you...

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Be careful not to over-water plants

Avoid over-watering in hot muggy weather, because it causes mildew. Powdery mildew often appears on zinnias, phlox and roses. I recommend using Bonide’s Infuse, Liquid Copper or Fung-onil, if plants are severely infected. Thin...

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