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Let color help create a home sanctuary

Are you looking to escape the pressure and stress of today’s society? Spas offer a temporary respite from the chaos. For a consistent, long-term solution, create a comforting, healing, secure environment at home. Begin with color. In prior years, design gurus selected a “color” for the year. An atypical change happens this year. The major paint manufacturers have selected a variety of new shades from soothing neutral hues to bold, vibrant shades. The theme is personal reflection, change, tranquility and healing. Benjamin Moore showcases “Metropolitan” a warm gray/tan neutral hue. It is soothing and provides peace and tranquility. “Metropolitan...

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Water fun when you don’t have your own boat

Love to spend time on the water but do not own a boat? No problem. The Eastern Shore has a variety of water activities that does not require ownership of a boat or the expense of maintaining one. Patriot Cruises offers a narrated 65- to 75-minute historical tour from their dock in Saint Michaels. View 200-year-old mansions; hear about events of the area including the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the 300-year history of the people in the region while taking in the wildlife and nature of the beautiful Eastern Shore. “The Patriot goes twice as far up river than any other boat allowing for views of these beautiful mansions,” according to the Patriot’s John Marrah. “We have the cleanest full restrooms, fully equipped snack bar and cash bar. We have a choice of different seating selections,” said John. The Patriot is handicapped accessible, has an air-conditioned glassed in main deck and an open-air upper deck. The Patriot sails seven days a week and offers free parking at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. They also offer special event cruises for groups up to 149 passengers. During the summer they have a 90 minute Island Music Cocktail Cruise. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on all cruises. Passengers are invited to visit the Pilot House to see how the boat is operated. 410-745-3100. Chesapeake Skipjack Cruises offer a unique educational...

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Fill it in with foliage

A garden does not require “flowers” to be called a garden. Some of the most interesting gardens in the world rely on foliage to supply color and interest. Leaves are also available in a variety of choices full of color, texture and form that can create a small shady area or an elaborate formal garden. Award winning landscape designer, Jan Kirsch, gave this suggestion from her studio in Bozman between deliveries of new plants. “How lucky I am to design gardens on the Eastern Shore! There are so many great plants with special characteristics that work well here.  I love to use shrubs, grasses, perennials and trees that provide a visual treat for my clients in all four seasons,” she said. “In addition to flowers, my discerning clients appreciate unusual and colorful foliage plants with both bold and fine texture; plants that give them the ‘wow’ factor in their gardens. “We have a lot of fun working together to make their outdoor living spaces reflect their personal style. There’s always something new ‘popping up’ for them to show off to their friends. “ Kirsch said there are many advantages to foliage gardens. Less maintenance is needed, since foliage gardens do not require deadheading. Green is one of the most visually calming colors, so planting a foliage garden creates a calm, relaxing space. A foliage garden can be a plant lover’s dream come true...

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Sale Barn rolls with punches

The Olde Sale Barn has been in Caroline County since the early part of the 20th Century. It has evolved from a livestock auction barn to an arena for amateur boxing matches to an antique mall with an event venue. The Olde Sales Barn’s transformation is a reflection of changes on Delmarva and on the American landscape. It is also a good example of repurposing and preserving a historic building. The 30,000 square foot building was built as a livestock auction barn around 1941. It was used as an auction barn from 1946 to 1980 according to Steven Cahall, father of the current owner Jodie Cahall. “All the lumber used to build it was taken from the woods on the lot,” Steven said. “It was an auction barn for a long time with a meat store down on the end.” “My sons used to work at the barn when they were younger,” he added. “Jodie always had a dream of owning the barn and having a business here.” Jodie now has several businesses on the property including a concrete shop, antique mall and a wedding venue. There are other family members who work at the Olde Sales Barn with Steven and Jodie. Jodie’s mom, Debra, and two brothers join dad Steven in part-time positions. Today the Olde Sale Barn is a beautiful reminder of a less complicated and more...

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Learn to think outside the branch

By Charlene Marcum For many, the fondest Christmas memories are made going to the tree farm with my family and selecting our Christmas tree. The smell of freshly cut fir, spruce and pine evergreens and the selection process for “the perfect tree” heralds in the Christmas season like no other. While many families still hold to this tradition, the times they are a’changing. The first artificial Christmas trees, made with goose feathers dyed green, were developed in Germany during the 19th century. Over the years, other styles of artificial Christmas trees evolved and become popular. In 1930, the Addis...

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