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Learn to schedule with a plan

As I sit here typing this latest article, my windows are open and my house is full of the smell of fresh air, thanks to an unseasonably warm February day. The springlike weather has me ready for the busy season that inevitably awaits my family and me — both of my boys are busy with school and sports, and both my husband and I get busy with volunteer and work obligations. It is a flurry of activity to be sure but somehow, we survive each year, thanks in part to some scheduling strategies I have added through the years. Whether you are single or managing a busy family, working or retired, here are some scheduling strategies to make your life a sweeter and of course, a simpler one. The idea is not to have a schedule free of commitments but to have a fulfilling life where you have time for what you love and what really matters most to you and your family! I know the notion of developing a schedule sounds contradictory to a simple life but typically having a schedule in place will actually prevent you from over scheduling your life. Before you commit to any new activity, obligation or appointment, you need to know what you have already committed to, right? It isn’t all that different from setting a budget — who goes shopping without knowing...

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Bulbs are ready to flower

March is a time for spring bulbs to spike out of the soil and unfurl into bloom. After months of cold, dark winter weather, seeing color in the garden is always a guarantee that spring is close. The bulbs that were planted in the fall have had time to go through their chilling period and are now ready to flower. The first to bloom of the early bulbs are the smallest of crocuses. Tiny cups of petals poke out about an inch high in lawns, deciduous woods and flower beds as soon as the temperatures in the soils warm up. The colors of crocus include pure white, pale- to bright-yellow and soft- to bright-purple. The earliest crocuses are often a soft shade of yellow and purple while the later, larger crocuses are colored more boldly and brightly. The grass — like leaves — can blend into the lawns and flower beds and last about a month after the crocuses bloom. Crocuses are long-lived bulbs if they are planted in well-drained soils with winter sunshine. Many areas in the country have gardens full of crocuses that have naturalized and have created a mass of color in the early spring. Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow are either blue or a pure white, tiny flower bells that arch up out of the soil 2 to 3 inches tall. Snow Drops are...

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