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Celebrating 40 years of flowers, flavors, fellowship

For some the rites of spring begin with the iconic call to “Play Ball!” on a field of dreams. For others the season is unofficially announced by returning robins singing in the yard. In Cambridge, Md., warmer weather’s arrival has been distinctly heralded by the start of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church’s annual Flower Fair, held the first week of May for the past 40 years. School teacher Roseanna Twilley and several ladies assisting in the church kitchen initially proposed holding a flower fair to help pay for the congregation’s Fellowship Hall building. The idea took root and flourished, becoming much more than a church event and blossoming into a community fixture. For a time, the fair featured a princess being crowned and ceremonially marching down the center aisle; initially the festivities took place in the open air. In recent years, tents became a familiar and welcome feature. Whether cool, hot or rainy, people always come out, said long time St. Paul’s congregant and Cambridge City Council President Robby Hanson, who stepped up to help chair the enterprise a few years back after the passing of longtime leader Howard Chow. This year, as soon as calendars pronounced May’s arrival, church youngsters under congregant Larry Ziegler’s direction set up the tables and tents outside St. Paul’s Maryland Avenue location, tweaking anticipation for the sights and smells of what has become...

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Take time to enjoy summer

Aw, sweet summertime. Summer is my favorite season for so many reasons — the longer days, the chance to spend so much time outdoors and the opportunities to enjoy lots of pool and beach time just send me to my happy place! By the end of the school year, we are always a little relieved to put the backpacks and lunchboxes away for a few months, too! Whether or not you have kids at home or not, there is something sort of wonderful about the slower pace of the summer season. Some days, it is certainly simply because it is too hot and humid to do anything but relax but the warm weather is a great time to reset your schedule, get some much needed Vitamin D energy and find ways to simplify your daily routine! My first order of advice this month is to take time to enjoy the summer season. If you are a teacher or someone who is not commuting to work on a regular basis, you probably already have some ideas on how you plan to accomplish this. For the rest of you, my advice is to take at least three days — in a row — to simply enjoy everything that summer has to offer. Weekends are usually so busy with cookouts and barbecues while just taking a little mini staycation can provide tremendous...

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Purple cone flowers love summer sun

Echinacea purpurea, or Purple Cone Flower, is a wonderful sun-loving native herbaceous perennial that grows from 1 1/2 feet tall to 5 feet tall, depending on the variety. They bloom the whole month of June and into August, brightening the garden with their large, fragrant daisy shaped flowers in many shades of purple, red, yellow and rose-pink with domed orange center. They love full sun and tolerate dry sandy soil, clay soil, high humidity and drought. They seem to be made to thrive on our Eastern Shore! They are also listed as being deer and bunny tolerant too. Coneflowers bloom more than once a season but that is improved if the dead flowers are trimmed of. Leave a few to mature to seed for the goldfinches in the fall and the new seedlings for next spring. “Pow Wow Wild Berry” is a compact coneflower growing 2-3 feet tall that has lots of branches which means lots and lots of bright rose purple flowers with orange centers. This variety starts to bloom in last spring and continues to bloom through late summer and even into autumn. The flowers grow 3-4 inches across with deep rose purple overlapping petals. “Hot Papaya” is a bright, hot orange-red double coneflower that doesn’t fade with the heat of summer. This variety can grow 2-3 feet tall and wide, attracting many butterflies into the garden....

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