By the time are reading this, we will be thinking about warmer temperatures and long-awaited warm temperatures.
Whenever the mercury on the thermometer rises and beckons in a new season, I am always inclined to change out my home decor to match that particular season.
The rich colors of the fall and winter need to give way to lighter, airier shades for the spring and summer seasons.
As much as I look forward to a spring spruce-up, I inevitably get a little stressed out each season — namely because so much is always going on with the warmer temperatures.
Work is busy, kids’ activities are ramping up, there is more to do outside.
Sound familiar?
If you are like me — and enjoy the fun of sprucing up your home for the warm weather — here are a few ways to keep it simple, make it fun, all the while ushering in a beautiful new season:
Clear off the coffee tables
Each season as I lovingly pack away items from the past season, I am always a bit taken aback by how much dust and dirt has accumulated under my decor.
I finally found a way to prevent this from happening — and keep my house looking much cleaner and less cluttered in the meantime.
Repeat after me: “You don’t have to have anything on the coffee table.”
For the longest time, I felt like I always had to have a tray or books on the coffee table.
Again, you don’t have to have anything on the coffee table.
Free up your coffee table to prop your feet up.
Let your end and side tables stand on their own as decor (and an occasional drink holder — coasters, please)!
It’s so easy to clutter up all of your counter space, side tables and coffee tables with picture frames, knickknacks and other chatzkes but keeping them clear will give your home a neat, polished look.
Identify What you Really Need, Get Rid of the Rest
As you begin to declutter your home, try being really strategic about what you keep in your home.
Spend some time really thinking about what you need, and what you can let go of.
Never really liked that hand-me-down coffee table? Have some art that no longer brings you enjoyment?
Let it go, Elsa!
A good way to go about this step is to walk into each room of your home and ask yourself “Would this room work without [fill in the blank]?”
Start with the big items and work down to the smaller stuff.
Anything you are unsure of can go in a box to donate or give away.
A good three step process goes like this.
Identify the things you want to throw away.
Next, identify those things that no longer have a place in your home but are still in good enough condition to be of functional utility for someone.
Those go in the “donate” pile.
Next, take the “keep” pile — which is hopefully much more manageable by now — and organize it.
Keep lots of trash bags and cute organizing bins on hand to make the task easier.
Buy simple containers and bins in your favorite style to use as storage for things that have otherwise cluttered up your space — this includes throw blankets, pillows and linens — and place them in various nooks as an accent.
You will still have those items nearby when you need them but with far less clutter and visual noise in your living space.
Not convinced? Try it in one room and see how much more relaxing that area becomes!
Bring the Outside In
Just as you are swapping out dark colored window treatments, linens and lampshades for more neutral, lighter tones and fabrics, don’t forget to add a pop of the outdoors to your decor.
Fresh cut flowers and greenery can add color, give any room of your home a fresh feeling (and smell) and make everything feel all sorts of springy!
Natural light is absolutely free and it makes us feel alive and invigorated.
Replace those heavy drapes with sheers and enjoy the way the outdoor light pours into your home.
Let the colors you love the best inspire what existing decor you keep — and what goes into that donate box!
(Editor’s Note: Kristine George is a freelance journalist who resides in Easton.)