Month: January 2019

Let color help create a home sanctuary

Are you looking to escape the pressure and stress of today’s society? Spas offer a temporary respite from the chaos. For a consistent, long-term solution, create a comforting, healing, secure environment at home. Begin with color. In prior years, design gurus selected a “color” for the year. An atypical change happens this year. The major paint manufacturers have selected a variety of new shades from soothing neutral hues to bold, vibrant shades. The theme is personal reflection, change, tranquility and healing. Benjamin Moore showcases “Metropolitan” a warm gray/tan neutral hue. It is soothing and provides peace and tranquility. “Metropolitan...

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How’s your game at wild cooking?

Winter is great time to stay warm and cozy while you try out a new recipe and with many Eastern Shore freezers full of newly harvested wild game, the timing couldn’t be better. To many folks it can be more intimidating to actually cook their harvest than the hunting process itself. There are certainly no recipe ideas on the back of the box. Give it your best shot though, as there are so many benefits to eating venison, waterfowl and other game — and some of them may fall right in line with your New Year’s resolutions. Your running and roaming game will also be much leaner than what’s on the store shelves, resulting in lower fat and calories per ounce than even “cage free,” “free-range,” or “grass-fed” meat. If you want to try some game recipes yourself, but don’t hunt, don’t be afraid to simply ask a friendly camouflaged person — they may have extra to share or know someone who does for minimal or bartered cost. So there’s the why; now, how do you cook it? The weekday cooking route to incorporate game is often ground or chopped venison and game meat to be simply used in chili, tacos, and that sort of dish, or of course, veggies, broth, and meat in the crockpot. But when you have more time to make some of your game meat...

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Trend report sees more connecting to gardening

Whether novice or seasoned veteran, gardening has been increasing in popularity. Last year, average households spent about $100 more on gardening than the previous year, according to the annual trends report from industry group Garden Media. “People are awakening to Mother Nature to find balance and peace and are awakening to our responsibility to help save the Earth,” the report said. This awakening is drawing people outside, to reconnect to plants and gardening, and drawing plants inside, as house plants, terrariums and other greenery gets more attention through biophilic design. Last year the National Gardeners Association reported 30 percent of households purchased a house plant and searches for indoor plants on Pinterest increased 90 percent. Millenials spurred by desires to improve wellbeing, were responsible for a third of houseplant buys. “They have become ‘plant parents’ with a sense of purpose and new connection to nature,” the report said. Another way these budding gardeners are connecting to the earth is through the moon. So-called moon-phase gardening or lunar planting is not a new concept; it follows the old adage of planting certain crops by either the waxing or waning moon cycle. Plant annuals and vegetables producing above ground crops when the moon is waxing, from new to full. Plant flowering bulbs, perennials, biennials and vegetables producing below ground crops when the moon is waning, from the day after it’s full...

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FACES retools with increased online reach

The Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore — FACES — has set an ambitious goal for itself: “To become the region’s premier resource for fiber artists and fiber art enthusiasts.” This past fall, FACES received a USDA grant to help them take two big steps forward towards accomplishing that goal. Both steps, announced in their fall newsletters, focus not only on expanding FACES’s presence within the region’s fiber arts community, but also helping those fiber artists, both professional and casual. The first step was the relaunch of the FACES Etsy shop under the management of Jodi Bortz, an experienced online sales manager and former executive director of Chestertown River Arts with extensive experience promoting the arts and artists. The second was the hiring of Rebecca Heriz-Smith, a social media expert to help member artists build and manage a Facebook Business page as well as use other forms of social media to engage with clients and promote their works of art. Both Bortz and Heriz-Smith said they hope to build on the successful one-day social media training workshop that FACES sponsored last April. Held at Chesapeake College, in Wye Mills, and geared towards artists, crafters and makers, the sold-out workshop provided a full day of marketing and social media training at the beginner/introductory level to help artists throughout the region better promote themselves and their artistry. In addition to...

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Daggs brings love of marbling to Shore

Having grown up in Cambridge and later lived in Easton, Jennifer Daggs loves coming back to the Eastern Shore. Her next opportunity to do so will happen during this month’s Martin Luther King weekend, when she’ll be teaching marbling classes during the Delmarva Art Expo, which will be held at the Ocean City Convention Center. Daggs has been engaged in the arts, including the fiber arts, since childhood; and, she remembers taking all sorts of classes through the Dorchester Arts League. Her experiences with marbling techniques go back to a summer class she took while she was still in college. She said she fell in love with the technique and whenever had the chance she said she “would marble anything that wasn’t nailed down.” Daggs would then sell the marbled items both at home and back at college in Pennsylvania, where she majored in English and minored in art. “It would pay for my textbooks,” said Daggs. Daggs ended up staying in Pennsylvania when she met her husband while they were both working as improvisational actors at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and currently lives just south Harrisburg, Pa. Despite her relocation north, her love of the arts continued, including her continued interest in marbling techniques. “I started marbling paper,” said Daggs, “and then I had a friend who was living in Baltimore ask me to teach her how to...

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