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Drive out insect pests with more humidity

Indoor insect pests occur because indoor conditions are too dry for most tropical plants. Humidifying your home (by 30 percent or more) will help prevent these pests from returning. Another method would be to get trays of pebbles and adding water and setting the...

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Forcing paper-white bulbs in soil? Read this

When forcing paper-white bulbs in soil, you need seven to nine weeks to allow them to come into bloom. Choose bulbs that have not yet sprouted and plant them within four weeks after purchase. If you have to wait before planting, store the bulbs in a dry warm room...

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Consider these fall product options

Freezepruf is an environmentally safe way to extend the growing season as it improves the plants natural cold tolerance up to 9.4 degrees, depending on the variety of the plant. Developed by botanists, FreezePruf protects plants externally and systemically, is...

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Too late to prune spring-flowering shrubs

Do not prune any spring-flowering shrubs, such as forsythia, azalea, camellia, holly, lilac, rhododendron, Spirea and viburnum. They are within three weeks of completing bud formation for next year’s flower bloom, so be sure to check pH and provide one last feeding....

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Capture stink bugs before they do damage

Set up stink bug traps in your yard. These traps will lure stink bugs with an attractant that is odor-free to humans, before they enter your home or damage your vegetable or fruit gardens. A light can be purchased separately to be added to the trap for indoor use....

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Pay attention to geraniums, dry lawns

When geranium flowers wither, pinch off the flower with your fingernail an inch or so below the blossom. A few days later, tug out the dried, brownish stem at the top. A replacement stem and flower will grow quickly because you pruned properly. Perk up flowering...

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Be careful not to over-water plants

Avoid over-watering in hot muggy weather, because it causes mildew. Powdery mildew often appears on zinnias, phlox and roses. I recommend using Bonide’s Infuse, Liquid Copper or Fung-onil, if plants are severely infected. Thin plants to allow better air flow. Be sure...

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Containers ideal for herbs, vegetables, fruit

Many types of herbs, vegetables, and small fruits do very well in containers. Container gardening — ideally done in the second week of May — helps to solve space problems, and proper locations can help to utilize light and temperatures. Here are some suggested ideas:...

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Remove all remnants of Boxwood Twig Blight

Keep a lookout for Boxwood Twig Blight. The fungus Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum first presents itself as leaf spot followed by rapid browning and leaf drop starting on the lower branches and moving upward in the canopy. The fungus can remain in fallen leaves, so...

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This month is when the magic starts

March is the month of preparation. Take the time to prepare your garden for the growing season by checking soil pH and cleaning up winter debris. March is the best time for pruning trees and shrubs, especially for fruit and shade trees. If you have fruiting or...

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