New home products for 2020 just might save you money

“A lot of people really don’t like their cable bill,” stated Boyce Thompson, the author of three books on residential design and construction and one of the featured exhibitors at this fall’s Maryland Home and Garden Show, where he showcased his “Top 10 Life-Changing...

Construct wooden decorations for your garden

Wooden home decorations are an excellent choice for creating a beautiful and cozy home. You do not have to purchase all your wooden decorations; you can make some. Wood is readily available and you may even pick small logs while walking in the woods. Once you have...

Ride out the winter in the garage

Gardening is not just a beloved pastime for many Americans; it’s also a way to get exercise, to get the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors, and to take a little time for themselves during the day. That’s why so many people stick to gardening and...

Trending: Ecological backyard solutions

Although last fall’s edition of the Maryland Home & Garden Show showcased more home than garden, two of the show’s garden exhibitors had some novel gardening ideas that reflected a few of 2019’s top gardening trends, all of which look to continue to grow into...

Zajic’s homegrown botanic gem thriving

Down a private road in Sussex County, Del., is a garden that backs up to Old Mill Creek, the eastern-most branch of the 150-acre Red Mill Pond. This American-style called Mill Pond Garden, is designed by its owner, Michael Zajic, a former horticultural supervisor of...

Train garden on track for 85th year

Last summer I spotted an elf at work in downtown Cambridge. Wearing offseason attire — shorts and t-shirt — he hunkered amidst a gaggle of model train equipment inside the “old” firehouse, the door ajar to let in some air. Waving me inside, it seemed like Christmas in...

Sweet potatoes step up to plate

The local farmstands and farmers’ markets that are still open may not have the summer favorites anymore, but sweet potatoes are in stock as its rise in popularity continues. During World War II, sweet potatoes had a heyday, with about 3 billion pounds produced...

Become a basket case in the winter

As winter approaches, hanging baskets and planter boxes aren’t necessarily something you need to store away with the lawn furniture. Spruced up correctly, they can “hang out” and look festive through the winter months without looking like leftover Halloween décor. The...

Extend that growing season

With temperate weather lasting well into October this year, did it seem a shame to put the vegetable garden to bed? Were you tempted to keep right on growing, even as the air got crisper and the leaves continued to fall? Can you imagine serving freshly picked tomatoes...

Delaware Botanic Garden opens

It takes your breath away. The two-acre Meadow Garden at the newly-opened Delaware Botanic Garden in Sussex County was designed by world-renowned landscape designer Piet Oudulf. It is probably why you made the trip, but until you see it in person, you are not prepared...

Need sleep? Houseplants can help

Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough sleep? If you do, you’ve got lots of company. You’ve also got a slew of experts studying the problem, plus plenty of wellness prophets hoping to sell you on their solutions. If you’re too...

Artful pumpkins are a touch of glass

Fall is forever pumpkin season. But handcrafting, instead of planting, creates some of today’s hottest varietals, harvested from molten glass, plush velvet and sparkling Swarovski crystals. From the Corning Museum of Glass in New York to the Morton Arboretum in...

The Joy of Sedum

The succulents known as sedums are renowned for bringing joy to even the least practiced gardener. Available in about 500 varieties, they’re among the most fuss-free florae to grow and care for, easy-going about soil type and water required (as succulents, they carry...

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