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Watercolor painting: It’s not just for children any more

by Leslie Milby Photos courtesy of Hillary Parker When most people think of watercolor, it may be hard for them to shake the notion of the kiddie version where it seemed like all you made was colored water flow across your page in a puddle — not a method of making a detailed, full-of-life masterpiece. But “paint night” events that have popped up at wineries and businesses throughout the area have worked to make even the most un-artisitic feeling participants come away with something worth hanging on a wall. Talbot County’s Waterfowl Festival is getting in on the act...

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Decoy fans can run afowl at festival

by Leslie Milby As the honking becomes louder and more frequent in the Eastern Shore fields and treelines outside, we know three things: The geese are migrating, many ladies are getting ready to become “hunting widows,” and decoys are about to come out of hibernation. What was once strictly a tool for hunting is now woven into the art and décor for homes throughout the Shore. And like other works of art, prices vary wildly. (One of the priciest decoys to fly through the Waterfowl Festival’s auction was a $22,000 ringneck decoy.) With this year’s festival and its devotees...

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Stock food supply with staying power

by Leslie Milby Storage crops are great for “squirreling” away food for winter. Many fall harvested veggies — such as beets, squash, turnips and pumpkins, as well as apples, pears and other fruits — fit into this category as they will last a few months when stored correctly. These crops can then be put into two broadly worded categories: “Cool” and “cold.” Think of it as, “It’s getting cool, let me put on a sweater” whilst cold is telling your spouse that you aren’t coming home until they let you fire the heat up for the year. Cool storage...

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