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Exploring history of the phonograph

The year was 1857 and French inventor, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, invented the first “sound” machine that future inventors would take ideas from and expand upon for better machines. Scott de Martinville invented something called the phonautograph, which recorded sound waves from a horn, with a wire mechanism scratching the wave patterns onto a type of disc that was painted with lamp black. It was used to identify wave patterns, not sound, visually. This idea spurred along many inventors, and ultimately created what we know now as the phonograph, a machine that changed the way we listen to and record music, as well as the concept of the telephone and other machines that have roots in sound and recordings. Thomas Edison had always been a curious sort, even as a boy. As an inventor, he used some of Scott de Martinville’s sound recording ideas and began his first crude machines he called phonographs. Edison was working on telegraphy and wanted a better way to transmit a telegraph message. He wanted to capture Morse code on spools of paper and play back the sound somehow, and extend this idea to telephones. He wanted to capture the human voice on a recording device, so he looked to the telegraph, studied how to expand upon this idea, and began to experiment. Scott de Martinville’s concept of a machine that recorded sound came...

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Start your defense against stink bugs

Set up stink bug traps in your yard. These traps will lure stink bugs with an attractant that is odor-free to humans, before they enter your home or damage your vegetable or fruit gardens. A light can be purchased separately to be added to the trap for indoor use. Remember to mow your lawn high (three to four inches tall) to prevent stress and shade the roots. WEEK ONE 1. If you are considering a fall vegetable garden, now is the time to purchase cold crop vegetable seeds. Broccoli, spinach, turnips, kale, greens and cauliflower are prime crops that will harvest before frost and thrive during the cooler fall nights. 2. Prune marigold flowers at the first sign of discoloring. A major disease (called botrytis) will take out marigolds quickly if you do not keep them pruned this time of the year. Pruning them will also promote a more lush and blooming plant. WEEK TWO 1. Prune back to the ground all raspberry and blackberry canes which have just fruited. Pruning the spent canes encourages continued spur development on canes which have grown this summer meaning a better fruit yield. Also, prune out any pencil thin and dead canes to encourage more light into the plant for more vigor. Apply Espoma’s Hollytone at recommended label instructions to provide nutrients. 2. It is time to move your potted amaryllis indoors...

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