Add colorful climbing plants that accent backgrounds of tan, off-white, navy or black with clematis, above, trumpet vine and wisteria.

Summer is here and gardens are blooming! Color brings gardens and exteriors to life and it’s not just the landscaping! Simple materials can turn the garden into a wonderland of joy!
One of the most significant trends in landscaping and gardening for 2019 is keeping things simple.
Turning large areas into soothing rock beds, interesting stamped and curved concrete paths, and charming pavers combined with natural ground covers like Brass Buttons and Phlox update and simplify gardens.
People want as much color as possible, so using containers in funky colors is in.
According to Sue Townsend, Society of Garden Designers, sizzling jewel colors will be additions to the traditional green garden.
Vibrant, hot colors combined with sultry purples and blues, will coax gardeners away from the blue and pink color palette in favor of orange and yellow hues.
For luxury, combine red and purple with greys and blue-greys in plant foliage.
Porcelain, and replica stone is being replaced by hard landscape materials with bolder colors and patterns.
Gardeners are also turning to the moon to determine the best time to plant, prune and harvest. The traditional belief states that the phases of the moon affect plant growth.
The trendy moon gardens sparkle at night with flowers in shades of white and silver blue reflecting the moonlight and glow.
Plant insect-repelling plants and night blooming flowers to enjoy your garden at all hours.
“Trellises and arbors add classic charm to your garden while letting you introduce new garden plants and new possibilities to your gardening. “ according to The Farm at Green Village.
Trellises and arbors come in all sizes and styles, including wood, metal, composites and more.
Colors of tan, off-white, navy or black will create an interesting background for climbers.
Add colorful climbing plants that accent these designs including clematis, trumpet vine, and wisteria.
Garden statuary is considered to be the crowning jewels of garden accents.
One beautiful piece of garden statuary can dress up your entire garden or yard.
Sculptures are available in a number of timeless motifs that include wildlife, animals, humans, fantasies and whimsy form, as well as unique abstract designs.
The designs may be modest, or glamorous and inspiring.
The statuaries come in stone, metal, aggregate, terra cotta, and a variety of easy-care materials that will last generations.
Bronze garden statuary and ornaments are a category of outdoor accents all on their own.
A beautifully designed bronze can provide an ambiance or theme that ties elements together. From the classical to the fanciful, distinctive bronze garden sculptures can be cherished for years.
For do-it-yourselfers, refresh a statue or fountain using the selection of new metallic colors.
Bright coppers, blue-green patina, washed silver; gold and white add a fresh look to aging accessories.
The paints are inexpensive and easily applied.
Soothe your senses with the sight and sound of flowing water.
Nothing dresses up a garden like a fountain, garden statue or birdbath.
From formal, classical motifs, to contemporary designs, and from stone, metal, concrete, terra cotta and other easy to care materials that can last generations, adding a water feature to your outdoor space can turn it into nirvana.
When updating your garden, consider adding water or fire elements, or both.
The warm glow of the fire with the calming relaxation of flowing water will calm the most frazzled nerve.