This doorway garden entirely of edibles, entitled “Kind Lady Lives Here” by the Rose Tree Gardeners was blue ribbon winner in two separate judgings and received a rosette for “Entryway Outstanding Blue” as well as “Class Commendation.” A sign explained: “The cat symbol marked near her door by a hobo tells his brother travelers during the Great Depression that they’ll find a welcome at Geraldine’s modest Ohio home: a hot meal and perhaps a few hours work in her fertile, sunny garden for a small wage. A blessing!” (Photo by Carol Kinsley)

On the cusp of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show presented by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society March 2-10 at the Philadelphia Convention Center, celebrated “Flower Power,” paying tribute to the impact of flowers on our lives.
More than 245,000 visitors explored the 10 acres of exhibits from large landscapes to miniature arrangements that drew long lines while music from the 60s filled the air.
An international floral competition, the FTD World Cup, filled much of the space at the entrance with larger-than-life floral creations from 23 countries.
There were nearly 6,000 entries in the horticulture show where 616 entrants displayed their best and most unique plants.
A new photography class drew 49 awesome entries.
Some 4,000 students participated in related activities as 32 schools hosted junior flower shows.
There was a craft area for kids and a live butterfly exhibit, both at an additional charge.
For most, the show brought a promise that spring is just around the corner and that soon the landscape will burst forth with colorful flowers to brighten their spirits.
The 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show, scheduled a bit earlier — from Feb. 29 to March 8, will take guests on a “Riviera Holiday,” celebrating the lush, exotic plants and sun-drenched landscapes of the Mediterranean climate which is found on Europe’s southern coast, America’s West Coast, the Western Cape of South Africa, in central Chile and southwestern Australia.