Tulle in color of your choice — we used red and green with sparkles; foam wreath in size of your choice — we used a 10-inch one; ruler; scissors; jingle bells.

By Emily Brockbrader

Demonstration by Mary-Ann Milligan, Ben Franklin Crafts, Easton, Md.; Photos by Emily Brockbrader

(Numbers match with photos below.)
1. Depending on size of your wreath, cut your tulle into a desired length. With our 10-inch wreath we found 15 inches was a good length
2. Knot the tulle twice once wrapped around the foam wreath.
3. Fluff out the ends of each tulle piece once knotted to make the wreath full. Continue this with each 15-inch tulle piece until foam wreath is completely covered.
4. Thread two pieces of tulle through two jingle bells (or according to preference). We used a 15-inch length and a 20-inch length so they hung at different heights.
5. Tie bells around the top of the wreath and fluff out tulle once again.