Month: October 2017

Purple power packs punch

by Sean Clougherty According the Garden Media Group’s annual Garden Trends Report, purple foods and plants are going to be on the rise on your plates and in your landscape. Purple cauliflower, potatoes, berries and corn are projected to be favorites amongst discerning grocery store shoppers, Whole Foods added in its annual trends survey. Why? Purple packs a punch when it comes to health and wellness. According to USDA, purple antioxidants, or anthocyanins, help fight cancer, have anti-aging benefits, reduce obesity and protect the heart. Purple food also promotes mental strength. The Garden Trends Report also said to expect...

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Stock food supply with staying power

by Leslie Milby Storage crops are great for “squirreling” away food for winter. Many fall harvested veggies — such as beets, squash, turnips and pumpkins, as well as apples, pears and other fruits — fit into this category as they will last a few months when stored correctly. These crops can then be put into two broadly worded categories: “Cool” and “cold.” Think of it as, “It’s getting cool, let me put on a sweater” whilst cold is telling your spouse that you aren’t coming home until they let you fire the heat up for the year. Cool storage...

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It’s time to prepare your home, hearth for winter

by Charlene Marcum As the colors of fall blow away with the incoming winter wind, it is time to prepare our homes, lawn and vehicles for winter. A few preventative steps will yield a bounty of benefits and a big reduction in winter woes. Winterizing Your House • Clean out the gutters: falling leaves are beautiful but not when they clog up gutters, which serve to protect roof, walls, foundation and landscape; • Drain and turn off outside hoses. This will prevent them from freezing up and bursting; • Insulate walls and attic. This alone will save you on winter...

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Doing it Rococo style

by DeeDee Wood What is Rococo Style? How did it influence furnishings and decorative art? Style usually is influenced by the history and tastes of a region, and Rococo is decidedly French, branching out to other countries as it left its mark. Rococo was an 18th century French artistic movement that affected the arts, which would include architecture, sculpture, design, décor, music, writing and literature, theatre, and of course, art. This style developed in Paris, France as a counter reaction to symmetry, regulations and the grandeur of the Baroque style, that had for so long dominated this part of...

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